Top Green Businesses & Resources

Are you looking for recommendations for environmentally friendly businesses and services in the UK?

Check out our list below – if you want to add your website then send us a message.

  1. Rubbish Clearance Ltd – for environmentally conscious recycling and waste removal services in London and the home counties.
  2. Kaminski – renewable energy news
  3. Diesel Facts – the latest on alternative energy sources
  4. Eco Sun Solar – install solar panels for your home
  5. Heat Insulation UK – Save money and energy by properly insulating your house
  6. Environment Debate – join the discussion
  7. Solar Courses – learn about solar energy
  8. Dominion Gas – responsible gas providers
  9. Climate Alliance – everything you need to know about climate

New Entries

  1. Diamond Waste – this company covers all waste removals in the Surrey area.
  2. Paper & Energy Co – this website promotes a sustainable way of life.
  3. Sustainable Ventures – financing and building new businesses in London.
  4. The Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub – this gastro pub has teamed up with a local veg farm.

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