New wind turbines installed in the UK

This month marks a significant milestone for the current darlings of the small wind industry, Endurance Wind Power. Around a week ago they completed the first European installation of their 50kW machine, the E-3120, at a dairy farm in Devon, UK. Installed by engineers from Dulas Ltd, the project took three days to complete. A nice video that shows the installation is available at this link.


From a resource assessment point of view, it’s clearly a very good site. The farm is around 13 miles South East of Bideford, North Devon, and only five miles inland from the sea. The NOABL modelled wind database estimates the mean wind speed at around 6.6 m/s at 25 metres. The shortest towers E-3120s are supplied on are 30 metre ones, so it seems reasonable to think the machine will see an average of well over 6.6 m/s.  It’s not clear whether any anemometry was done, which we would always recommend of course, but a nice frame from the video shows a nearby tree which has grown in a dramatically bent over fashion – a telltale sign of a good, windy site.


The turbine itself is shown in the video kicking out instantaneous power of up to 88.2kW in a 12.3 m/s wind, which is well above what the manufacturer’s power curve suggests you would get at that wind speed. Impressive stuff.  Because of its large size, the Endurance 3120 often comes out as a very favourable option in our Power Predictor Reports, if you can afford, or finance the £200k+ price tag that is. Still a new kid on the block, the proof will be if this machine lives up to it’s moniker, and demonstrate that its a durable and reliable machine over time.